New Work at Nature Visions

Nature Visions 2013 LogoI’ve been away from the site for a while, but hope to be back to posting on a semi-regular basis.  The last few weeks my vocation has been taking up an inordinate amount of my time, and I accepted a volunteer role as the primary webmaster for the Nature Visions Mid Atlantic Photo Expo, a local nature photography exhibit that attracts hundreds of entries each year.

Updating the website was quite a bit of work, there are 13 presenters and 21 presentations that required updated pages/posts, tons of linkages to other websites and a tremendous number of functional fixes.  The theme that is being used is quite dated and created menus based on the page hierarchy, which meant the only posts were related to the blog.

I found code that allowed me to add the PHP code necessary to integrate the WordPress 3.x menus, which caused a Z-index issue that had the menu displaying below galleries and sliders on certain pages.  After I got that fixed for every browser to which I had easy access, someone else experienced the issue running a 64-bit version of Chrome (or at least Chrome running on a 64-bit version of Windows 7).

Also on the agenda was creating pages with lists of things like presenters and presentations.  Fortunately I found WP List Posts Shortcode that creates lists of posts by Category, and Posts by Tag that creates lists of posts by Tag(s).  These two plugins allowed me to simply categorize and tag presentations and presenter information, updating the relevant pages automatically.  I also stumbled upon an RSS feed plugin called RSS Multi Importer that allows us to import posts from the presenters’ RSS feeds and add them to the presenter’s page automatically.  Together I believe that these plugins make the site appear more professional, which is not bad for a non-profit organization.

Ultimately this is all part of my goal of paying to back to a community that has provided so much to me without reservation.

New Abstract Photography Exhibit – Photoworks

Dear Camera Clubs:

Below please find information about our upcoming exhibit, Perspectives: A Photography Exhibition by Dennis O’Keefe and Sarah Hood Salomon. We are trying to get the word out about this exciting new photography show. Anything you can do to let your members know about the exhibit would be much appreciated. PLEASE NOTE: June 14th is the night of the reception, as well as “ART WALK IN THE PARK” — featuring artist demonstrations and open studio throughout Glen Echo Park — should be a great time!


Lisa Murphy
Photoworks Gallery and Photography School
Glen Echo Park, MD


Contact: Lisa Murphy, murphymail5 AT comcast DOT net or Gayle Rothschild, gaylesue AT me DOT com

Perspectives: A Photography Exhibition by Dennis O’Keefe and Sarah Hood Salomon
June 14 – July 22

Exhibition Dates: June 14 – July 22
Reception and Gallery Talk: Friday, June 14, 6:30 – 8:30 PM*
Artists: Sarah Hood Salomon, sarahsally AT verizon DOT net and Dennis O’Keefe, dok6100 AT aol DOT com

*PLEASE NOTE: June 14th is also “ART WALK IN THE PARK” featuring artist demonstrations and open studio throughout Glen Echo Park,

Gallery Hours: Saturdays, 1-4 PM and Sundays, 1-8 PM (and anytime there is a class in the photography school)
Gallery Appointments Available: Contact Photoworks, gaylesue AT me DOT com or kwkeating AT comcast DOT net
Cost: FREE to the public

Photoworks Gallery and Photography School @ Glen Echo Park
7300 MacArthur Boulevard
Glen Echo, MD

Photoworks Gallery and Photography School in historic Glen Echo Park is pleased to present Perspectives: A Photography Exhibition by Dennis O’Keefe and Sarah Hood Salomon. Abstract art and photography intersect in this exciting new show.

Perspectives by Sarah Hood Salomon
Perspectives by Sarah Hood Salomon


Sarah Hood Salomon utilizes camera motion and slow shutter speeds in order to compress transitional qualities of light into one image. By moving the camera while the shutter is open, light is formed into specific ‘brush strokes,’ and familiar objects are abstracted to textures, shapes, lines and colors. She presents a subject that no longer exists within a single instant, but moves through a confluence of several moments.



Perspectives by Dennis O'Keefe
Perspectives by Dennis O’Keefe

Dennis O’Keefe’s images showcase the multi-colored hues and textures of the beaches of California. He writes, “From a distance, this California beach looked like any other — beautiful, but familiar. Actually walking the beach however, provided a bit of a surprise. The sand was multi-colored — blue-black, mixed with light grey and flecks of something like pale red and amber. Apparently the result of differential erosion from nearby cliffs, the sand was a show unto itself. Each ebb and flow of the waves erased the palette and created a new image. Particularly interesting was the effect that pebbles, shells and kelp detritus had on the resulting ‘canvas’ — colors and patterns were amplified on the seaward side of the obstruction, which contrasted starkly with the lee side colors. The resulting patterns often resembled birds in flight or inter-lacing leaves and fronds. It was particularly absorbing to rush from one pattern to the next, trying (often times in vain) to frame the image before it was erased forever.

Sarah Hood Salomon is a photographer and writer living in Bethesda, MD. Dennis O’Keefe specializes in the photography of intimate landscapes and lives in North Potomac, MD with his wife and family.

Formal Photography Education

Photography Degree LogoI was recently contacted by Photography Degree, a comprehensive collection of colleges and universities offering accredited degree programs in photography, so I thought that I would write something quick up for their website here.

Photography Degree provides a wonderful directory that can be filtered to assist you in finding the degree program that fits your needs.  You can quickly filter by online versus brick and mortar, state, type of degree, and field of study to narrow your search down to appropriate schools.

You can also find information on building your portfolio, finding a job, learning what classes you’ll take and what you will do on the job.  You’ll learn what to focus on to improve your photography, what the average pay is, and what the job outlook is for your chosen career field.

All for free!

Check out their website at: