SoFoBoMo 2016 – Finally Finished

I had my doubts right up until the last minute… but was able to finish.

Finally Finished

I started my SoFoBoMo 2016 book on 3 July, a holiday weekend when I had three straight days to work on the book.  I shot quite a bit on the 3rd and 4th, but had other commitments the following weekend.  I had a week of leave planned starting on the 16th.

Interrupted by work demands, my week of leave turned into a single day off.  I spent that day at a motorcycle racetrack trying to see if I could go as fast as my motorcycle.  No wrecks but I did run off the track once.  Not terrible for my second time on a road course.  Especially with a ten year gap between the two days.

My point is, if I can get back around to it, life happens.  I got one more weekend to work on the book, 30 and 31 July.  I had to process my photos in about a day, sequence and produce the book the next day.  I finished just after midnight on Tuesday, 2 August.  Exactly 31 days from when I started.

Is it the best work I’ve ever produced?  No, it isn’t.

Am I happy with the result?  As happy as I could be.

Life has continued and I’ve been too busy to write anything about the experience.  But I’ve got a small gap in feeling overworked and I figured I should put some thoughts on paper.

  • Even as stressed as I’ve been about work over the month, I was still able to find a little time.
  • Books do not take as much time to create as we tend to believe.  Our preconceived notions are often overkill.
  • No matter how much time we spend on something, we feel like there is more we could have done.

So I guess I’m saying if I had it to do over again, I’d do some things different.  And I’m still happy with the result and the fact that I did the work to finish the book.