Seeing Beauty Where You Are

My friend Tuan Pham will be presenting some new material at the National Arboretum in March.
Generally, people breathe without knowing that they are breathing. An unconscious act that keeps us alive. Many see in a similar fashion -mindlessly- without recognizing they are seeing. Over time inattentive blindness sets in; the joy of seeing goes out the window. Seeing happens without thought; a rose is a rose is a rose.
Mindful seeing wakes up the sensory organs. It reengages that sense of innocence, creating opportunities for endless transformative changes. Changes to the way we create art… and live life.
Tuan’s latest presentation is a synthesis of teachings on “insightful observation.” Drawing from works by masters in art, science and mysticism. Tuan combines this with his personal experiences in nature photography and mindfulness practice. He illustrates a common-sense approach to creating space for beauty to appear. To allow the child-artist within to come out and play.
This will help you to differentiate the four levels of seeing, or “Four Eyes.”
  • Eye-1 sees the familiar forms and labels, the things that everyone sees
  • Eye-2 takes time to look past appearances for subtleties, interdependence, inner connection, and the “what else?”
  • Eye-3 roams in and out of consciousness, between inner and outer landscapes, for different perspectives. Looks beyond the status quo
  • Eye-4 sees with complete presence, openness, and receptivity through the lens of “emptiness.”
Tuan has chosen photographs for the presentation that he took locally. He demonstrates that one need not travel long distances, climb tall mountains, or wake up before dawn to find beauty. There is beauty where ever you are.
Join Tuan at the US National Arboretum on Saturday, 31 March from 1:30 to 3:30pm. The cost is a mere $25, and you must register in advance.
His presentations are deep, beyond the technical, where the artist inside you lies.