Judging at the 6th Annual Claude Moore Park Photography Expo

Impressionistic Trees

Natural History Museum ElephantI had the honor of being one of a panel of three judges for the 6th Annual Claude Moore Park Photography Expo that was on display Saturday, 28 September 2013.

The images this year were really outstanding, so it was especially nice to have additional judges to discuss the images and get a different perspective, something that rarely happens in most competitions.  The monthly club competitions that I get to judge require that no one discuss the images with the judge to avoid any swaying of opinions.

This expo has four classes of entrants and five categories of images in all but one class, so 16 separate categories to judge.  Fortunately there were only about 230 images (a record for this exposition), so it didn’t take all afternoon to judge.  Also, we had plenty of room to spread out all of the images (for a given class/category) and view them side-by-side.  This helped make the evaluations much more effective.  We also used the sticker system, so everyone got to pick their favorite n images, quickly ranking them by the ones that everyone liked, then two or one.  So sometimes an image that I would have picked as the sole judge would end up not getting an award, but overall I think that the awards were given to more universally appealing images.

I’d like to thank Gerry D’Onofrio (Expo Coordinator), Nora May (Judge) and Lynn Ezell (Judge), Dora Ramirez (Gerry’s Better Half and Hostess Extraordinaire) and Joe Ellis (Expo Creator).  You all did a great job!