About Matthew G. Schmidt

As an amateur photographer, Matt covers a wide variety of subjects. In colder months, he often shoots indoors, creating macro and still life images. While in the warmer seasons he shoots landscapes, action, and motor sports. He’s been developing more artistic photographic interpretations, incorporating panning, multiple exposures, and montages. He’s produced Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets to simplify “the tedious tasks of post-processing.”

Despite his technical background, he’s taken to studying the masters in painting and photography. He’s begun applying those interpretations and compositional and lighting techniques to his photography.

Matt judges at local camera clubs in the Washington, DC area.  He presents at clubs on subjects ranging from Visual Design to the digital darkroom.  Matt is the NVACC webmaster, managing images for the annual Abstract Photography exhibit. He donates his time as a way of “giving back to a community that has helped without reservation.” Matt has been a member of the Northern Virginia Photographic Society since 2006.  In that time he has held numerous board positions. Matt has attended the PSA Image Analysis course and Joe Miller’s Judging Seminar.