Judging the End-of-Year Competiton at GCC

Mirror Montage - Final

I’ve been invited back to Gaithersburg Camera Club to judge their End-of-Year competition this year.  This will be my first EOY competition and I am really looking forward to it.  I will get more time to spend with the images, and I will not be required to critique each of the images in real time, the most stressful part of a monthly competition in my opinion.

This time I get to make comments on only the top three images in each category, which will be written down and read at the EOY banquet.  I believe this will be far less stressful for me and more beneficial to the members at the banquet.  Mainly because I will have time to think and formulate a more cohesive train of thought.  I will also be able to concentrate on why the image was chosen over the others, rather than justifying removing the image from competition as so often happens when judging monthly competitions.