Simply Beautiful Photographs: A National Geographic Traveler Seminar

NatGeo Traveler is doing a full-day photography seminar titled “Simply Beautiful Photograhs” at National Geographic Society on October 6th.

Simply Beautiful Photographs

Your photographs can be artistic creations and you’ll learn the secrets to making the most appealing photographs possible. Renowned photographers Annie Griffiths and Dan Westergren take you on a visual journey and share their perspectives on what creates beauty in a photograph. They’ll cover how to use color, light, composition, and—most important—how to see your subjects with a different eye.

Dates & Locations

October 6, 2013
9:00AM - 4:00PM
National Geographic Society • Washington DC

Cost: $195

Register here:

Topics Covered

Composition and Light

Explore two of the most basic elements needed to create any beautiful image. You’ll see the importance of defining your subjects; incorporating shapes, colors, and textures; and using lighting techniques to vary and influence a photo.

Vision and Voice

How do you choose the content for your images? Learn how to express something personal through your images and create your own artistic voice. Great subject matter often comes from seeing something that others don’t within a familiar setting and then capturing it in your photo.

The Power of Moment

Great photographs convey information, ideas, and emotion. Learn how to sharpen your skill for finding and capturing decisive moments that will reflect what’s truly special about the places, people, and experiences you witness.

Learning to See

Train your eyes to look for photos that tell a story. Discover the visual, intellectual, and intuitive elements that go into making stunning photographs. Explore how travel photography styles have changed and what makes certain photos leave a lasting impression.

The Art of Taking Pictures

Color is the most significant element in composition. It commands the viewer’s eye and influences the feel of a picture. Discover how to work with color, contrasts, and balance, so you can make the most aesthetically appealing images possible.

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