Where Do You Go For Inspiration?

When you are feeling unmotivated about photography, where do you go for inspiration?

More and more I have been reading books from some of the more abstract photographers.  Just last week I read Michael Orton’s Photographing Creative Landscapes, and it brought me a whole new list of ideas of things to try.

I have been so inspired by the book, I went out first thing Saturday morning and shot a series of images that I had not imagined taking before reading the book.  I shot a series of images that Michael Orton terms “washes.”  Like many people I am familiar with washes in painting.  My wife uses them to create texture when she paints miniatures (very small models).  The washes accentuate the texture of the models by collecting in the low areas, giving an appearance of a shadow.

But I had never heard of the concept of using color washes to create more beautiful, vividly colored images using photographs.